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Culebra Excursion

Includes hot lunch from Stingray

Adult Snorkeler Ages 13+ (All equipment included)
Child Snorkeler Ages 8-12 (All equipment included)
Certified Diver (shallow dive) Optional rental equipment provided
Discover Scuba Diver
Adult Snuba Ages 13+ (All equipment included)
Child Snuba Ages 8-12 (All equipment included)


Culebra is an 11 square mile, unspoiled beauty of an island. Attracted by its seclusion, its spectacular miles and miles of stunning beaches, is the quaint town of Dewey. The snorkeling and dive sites are possibly some of the Caribbean’s best!

Pristine coral reefs and clear calm waters provide an amazing opportunity to observe barracuda, stingrays, parrotfish, trumpet fish, blue tangs, deep purple sea fans, and a variety of colorful coral, as well as a chance to swim with sea turtles.

Another anchorage for your sailing charter is the tiny offshore cay, Culebrita. The snorkeling here is also excellent. The beaches are fabulous, especially the 400-foot white sand crescent on the northern shore.

The anchorages on Culebrita are fairly deserted during the week, but the weekends are a different story. Everyone from Puerto Rico, with a fast power boat, seems to make Culebrita the weekend party destination of choice.

After several days of solitude, it can be fun to people watch, as families laugh, dance on deck to blaring salsa music, share a drink or two with you, and then disappear at sunset